Viking helmet for the Norwegian avatar?

Hi! I see that the Swedish avatar has the ability to buy the viking helmet, so I was wondering if LingQ could introduce the Viking helmet for the Norwegian avatar, since Vikings are just as much Norwegian as Swedish! :wink:

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They got their oil, don’t touch our helmets! I got a Advanced 1- Finnish avatar (with a 90-day cap and a sword/beer-combo) to back me up…

Norwegian isn’t yet a supported language, so it doesn’t yet have its own avatar outfit. :slight_smile:

I’m just curious, why all the weapons? I get the mp3’s etc, but the swords and rifles…I think you should either expand that theme or just skip it. Please make this no1 issue, I’d love to read homofabers comments (:

It was remarked some months again that Polish has a lot of lessons and may be made a new supported language. Let me remind about Polish here.

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How many lessons does a single language need to become a supported language?