Viewing All of Your Friends' Activity

Is there a way to view all the activity of those I follow in one stream?

On my page, I see a steady stream of my own activity, posts, etc… but is there a way to get a running stream like this with all the people I follow?

If not, I think this would be a great feature. I would love to see what everyone has been up to, posting, sharing without having to visit each person’s page individually.

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@kmahly - If you go to the Exchange page and then change the filters in the top left which initially are set to “Showing All studying X from All Countries”. Click on “All” and change it to Friends and then change the default language to All languages and you should be able to see all your friends activities.

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when i was started to learn English language i was at 0 level now i am doing improve in English language but my main problem is grammar. i am not able to prefect in grammar and another is i have no any native friends for the speaking practice and writing improvement please help me.

Thank you Mark! Very helpful!

Krishnat: Don’t give up! Grammar will come with practice. You can also look for free resources online or check your local library if you have one nearby.

Will this show all activities? Including statuses they type onto their own pages? Conversation times posted, etc?

It won’t show wall posts but does show conversation times, lessons they gave a rose to, milestones and a variety of other activities.

When I first came to LingQ I had this question too:

The solution is fine, but it does seem to be a bit unintuitive. I think kmahly and I were expecting it to be like Facebook, where your stream shows updates from all the people you’re following too.

Yes, my thoughts, too. Maybe future updates could include such changes. I would love for LingQ to be more social. As it stands now, I feel like posting a status on my page is not very useful if the only way a person could see it is if they went directly to my page. Would be better if those types of things showed up in a stream.

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