Vietnamese/English - Spanish/Chinese/Korean 1-1 conversation

Xin chao/ hello/ hola/ ni hao / an niong ha se yo!

I’m a Vietnamese native and I’m learning English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean (except for the English- which my level is around between upper intermediate and advanced, the other ones I’m just a starter). I’m in need to find native speakers of SPANISH, CHINESE (I’d love Beijing accent) and KOREAN to practise the language with me. All I need is just a 1-1 conversion one time a week in around 15-30 minutes, no more than that. Also, I can definitely practise English/Vietnamese with you.

My skype is blucecloud
And my email is
So, anyone who can help me with the language, please contact me. It’s great to make friends with people from many countries.

Cam on / Thank you / Gracias / Xie xie/ Kam sa hap ni ta! ^^

P/s: to whom who wants to learn Vietnamese, I’m also ready to help. I’ve always appreciated people who chose my mother tongue as a second language.

Hi my name is Fernando and I speak Spanish may be I can help you , I wanna learn your language also, however your language is not able here and i don’t have a lot of vocabulary in Vietnamese, just i know some phrases

my Skype username is fernandoc.gomez