Videos don't count toward stats?

I’ve noticed that went I watch a video lesson it doesn’t count toward my listening for the day. Anyone else? or is there a “watching” stat somewhere?

When I watch a Youtube video inside LingQ by pressing the “Play Video” button at the bottom of the transcript page, then it gets counted in my stats.

If I don’t trust that LingQ will automatically add it to my stats I can always click the circle with three dots at the top right of the transcript screen, click on “statistics” from drop down and click the +/- button to add my video minutes.

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Hi mtramme1! The lessons with only video should track watching time as listening.
Those lessons, which have both video and audio are tracking only audio as listening for the moment, but soon will also account for the watched video I believe.

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Thanks for reporting. We will investigate the issue.

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Yep that tracks with my experience, thank you!

Do you happen to know if this is still planned? Had this same question myself, went looking for a thread on the topic before I posted my own and found this - just watched a lesson that had both video and audio and didn’t get audio credit for watching the video. I’m getting around it (since I’m working up to achieving a hardcore challenge eventually) by going back and playing the audio-only track on another device, but would be nice if I didn’t have to do that!

I believe it will be done till the end of this month or so.