Video mode bugs

I sorted imported videos by recently viewed. It placed the most recently imported at top even though I had not viewed them.

I was watching a YouTube imported film called Le pétrole. On numerous occasions while in line mode I switched to the safari browser. I then returned to LingQ, switched to video mode and the video went back to the beginning. I then had to mess about trying to find my position in the video.

I watch an imported YouTube video such as Le pétrole. Often the current line goes off screen so I can no longer follow the transcript while listening,

I watch an imported YouTube video, switch to line mode, and the green line is where it was the last time I went to line mode. This has serious consequences. If I watch a video for an hour then leave LingQ, the next day I lose my streak. How can watching a video for one hour lose a streak?

I watch a video, then switch to line mode. I then edit the line and click done. The line mode then goes back to the current line (as indicated by the green line). It should stay on the edited line.

There are numerous films that will not import from YouTube, I’ve tried countless times:

I use an Apple iPad 12.9” with the latest iOS.

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Thanks for reporting, we will investigate this.