Video "Learning Arabic" lessons from al-Jazeera - any way to import?

Does anyone know how to download these learning videos? I’d like to upload them to LingQ rather than upload the text and use the AI voice. There is a previous dicussion on this (now closed for comment) in the LingQ forum that suggests it’s possible to download them but when I hover my mouse over the videos as advised in that discussion I find no such download option. Perhaps this has been removed as an option by Al-J…

I’ve got you homie. Just sussed out the website, to download the video/audio follow these steps in my pictures. To copy the text use a screenshot and import into an OCR program (image - text).

link in search bar for the video

copy link to a video downloading program

Thanks very much for your assistance. I am using Chrome, and I don’t seem to get the same options as you when I right-click on the video. I only get the following options…:

for chrome you can find the video id by using inspect, use this link

put the video id after the =

Wow thanks man. That worked! Copying it to Save the Video now! Thanks heaps.