Video Contest

新品のiPod Touchと1年分のBasic LingQメンバーシップ獲得に応募しますか?




ビデオはどの国の言葉でも大丈夫です。 母国語でも外国語でもかまいません。字幕をつけてもいいですね。

ビデオは2月28日午後9時 PST (日本時間3月1日午後2時)までにYouTubeに提出してください。

また、ビデオのURLを に送る事をお忘れなく!


投票が終わると、一番得点の高かったビデオの投稿者には特賞が贈られます。 また、また、2-4番目の上位入賞者にも賞品が贈られます。

1位:iPod Touch (8gb) および 1年分のBasic LingQメンバーシップ

2位-4位:オリジナルLingQ Tシャツ および 1ヶ月分のLingQ メンバーシップ




Is the contest still on?

I mean, can I still submit a video?

I would think you would have an unfair advantage, seeing what everyone else is saying in their videos. I do wish I had submitted now though. Oh well.

You’ll be at a disadvantage, having missed a few days of voting already, but since the voting period is until March 15th we have no problem taking late entries. :slight_smile:
I don’t think there is any inherent advantage to seeing people’s videos, as the contestants made some excellent videos even without any reference points.

If you’d like to submit a late entry, please try to have it completed and uploaded to YouTube in a timely fashion so that you still have a chance of competing for the prizes!

I probably won’t now anyway :frowning:

I’ve had a few tries speaking to the camera but I have nothing to say!

Not wanting that to sound rude there-- I meant I have a lot to say about LingQ but words just seem to fail me.

I’ve also noticed when I record myself I seem to start gurning and pulling odd faces!

It’s a universal rule that virtually nobody a) likes the sound of their voice recorded and b) likes watching themselves on video.
I encourage you to still give it a shot. It seems like something you’re quite interested in doing, and it is the first video for several people in the contest :slight_smile:

It might be better to give yourself talking points so that you’ve got a framework to guide you :slight_smile: I notice that I’ll ramble on and on if I don’t have specific points to talk about. You can even go the route of Oscar, who recorded separate videos for separate topics in his video.

Alright, thanks Alex. I have to warn you though, it won’t be as amusing as Oscar’s. :slight_smile:

Videos are quite difficult to create, IMHO.
You need a concept, a script, a camera, a program to edit the video…
And after the recording you have the feeling that you don’t sound good enough or even don’t look good enough :wink:
Then you repeat everything, etc, etc …
I admire everybody who did a video for the contest, and some are very professional!