Veselé Vánoce or Merry Christmas

Rather than say it in all the languages of LingQ I will just say it in English and the language I am learning right now.

Thank you for your active participation in this wonderful community and project. Let us hope that 2012 brings us all much happiness, satisfaction and peace.

Merry Christmas to the LingQ team (Steve, Mark, Alex etc.) and to all LingQ members!
I, for one, don’t know where I’d be in my language learning if I hadn’t found LingQ. I’m still very grateful! :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to all of our great members! Your enthusiasm and support keeps us going forward!

Mark, you have been a bad boy and won’t be getting anything for Christmas, sorry.

Father Stevemas, I have been a good boy. Would you give me and everyone else a few extra beta languages on Jan, 1? :slight_smile:
Veselé Vánoce to everyone!

Taky přeju veselé vánoce všem :slight_smile:

mikebond, I think that you are a bad boy too and therefore you do not deserve anything :stuck_out_tongue: