Verything about Soccer (If you like soccer, this theme is for you)


I’m from Mexico, I am 23 years old, and I am a Soccer fan, I can not live without it. I make this post to talk about Soccer and specifically about the Confederation Cup 2013 which is taking place in Brazil,

The Confederations Cup is a tournament that involves the champions of each continent. Is a tournament before the World Cup 2014

Brazil---------CONMEBOL-------- Hosts
Spain---------UEFA----------------- FIFAWorld Cup winner
Japan---------AFC------------------- Asian Cup winner
Mexico--------CONCACAF-------- CONCACAF Cup winner
Uruguay------ CONMEBOL------- American Cup winner
Tahiti---------- OFC------------------ OFC Nations Cup winner
Italy------------ UEFA---------------- UEFA Euro 2012 runners-up
Nigeria-------- CAF------------------ Africa Cup of Nations winner

Results at the time (Updated Everyday)

Group A

Brazil-----2----2 ----0 —0---- 6
Italy ------1----1---- 0— 0-----3

Next Games:

----Italy Vs Japan----
----Italy vs Brazil----

Group B

Nigeria----1----1 ----0 —0-----3
Spain------1----1---- 0— 0-----3

Next Games:

----Spain Vs Tahiti—
----Nigeria vs Uruguay----

Star players of each selection:

Spain-----------Andres Iniesta
Mexico----------Javier “Chicharito” Hernández
Nigeria----------Obi Mikel
Tahiti-------------Marama Vahirua
Uruguay---------Luis Suarez

Which is your favorite selection?
Which are your forecasts?
Which will be the disappointment of the tournament?
Which will be the star of the tournament?
Who will reach the final?
Who will win the tournament?

I’m rooting for Tahiti

Tahiti is my favorite selection but after seeing Japan’s last game I must say that it’s a close second. Also, hearing the commentators I was under the impression that Balotelli is Italy’s star player but I know nothing about soccer. Actually, I used to find it boring but all of a sudden I really like to watch games. Weird.

I am really surprised that Tahiti made it to this stage. But I was, will and always remain a supporter of Spanish soccer unless India comes up. :slight_smile:

I just read this article.
What do you think about it?

@Lenguastica: It’s a good thing that you realized that football ( not soccer) is an interesting sport (and actually it is the most popular and almost the most entertaining sport there is out there ).

hello everybody, I’m spanishman ,obviously I’m a supporter of spanish team.
I hope that Spain team will be the champion.
For me the sport is called football.Soccer is named from Usa .
Good evening.

It is the most popular sport worldwide and I now understand why but as for it being the most entertaining that’s still very subjective ;). Also, I had written football at first instead of soccer without realizing it but I decided to edit it. I don’t really care about what terms anyone uses but soccer for me is non-ambiguous although I could as well use football without any problem. However, if we really want to nitpick, the term “football” actually refers to a number of sports. The sport which we are talking about in this thread is actually called “association football” in English. Of course no one says that nor should they but I just though I’d point it out.

I’m rooting for Nigeria and Brazil as of now since Japan and Tahiti are out (I think) and they were definitely not going to win.

I was so sad that Japan didn’t go through to the next stage after the epic game against Italy.

As a football fan, I have to concede that it’s definitely not the most entertaining sport there is to watch. It’s the one I like to watch the most, though.

@Lenguastica: Yes you are about the fact that it is a subjective thing which sport is more entertaining than another ( it’s a matter of taste ).I said football and not soccer because I had in mind what the Americans call football (which in my opinion should be called handball 2 or something because they rarely use their feet to interact with the ball ).

Ceballos hello I think that Iniesta is a great player but I think too the team is the most important in spanish’s team , the middle field is like a block.The same block that have the BarÇa,furthermore we have other great player like our goolkeeper Iker.
We are fortunate wich this team ;when I was a child never thoug that Spain team could be champion of any important trophy,but in the last year the spanish live a golden age of sport. I’m enjoying that because nothing is forever.