Very often, I accidentally add new words that I don't actually yet know due to accidentally clicking 'finish lesson' button

Numerous times I have accidentally clicked on ‘Finish Lesson’ and sent dozens of words I have never learned into my Known Words bank.

We need an option in the settings to not send every word we haven’t clicked on to the Known Words bank, especially because it is SO EASY to accidentally paginate forward (due to the massive button size on the web reader).

I know the official position of LingQ is that this is a feature, not a bug, but seeing so many comments others have made about how this exact issue affects them, it would be great to see an update that added this as an option. Or at least a way to ‘unlearn’ words from the Lesson Summary page.

Thank you! I love this service and just want to see it improve.


Everyone does this to some extent, but in the end it doesn’t really matter, because if you keep reading and listening, you’ll undoubtedly see the word again (usually very soon), and you’ll get the opportunity to click on it again. The system is self-correcting in this regard.

I never look at the lesson summary or the known words bank. It may be best not to worry about the workings of the system too much. As long as it’s not happening so often that you have no LingQs to study and learn, it shouldn’t be a problem. The main idea, after all, is to learn words, and you accomplish that mainly by reading and listening to more content, and by reviewing the LingQs that you have created.

I find I always have plenty of LingQs that need learning, no matter how many words I miss or forget to change into LingQs. The ones I miss, if they are common, will soon pop up again; and if they’re not common, they will eventually reappear.

Hello AJ. I think I understand your issue. Try the following: Profile/App Settings/Reader/General/ and here make sure the box for Auto LingQ Creation is not checked.

Hopefully this helps and is what you’re talking about. I found this information in a YouTube video. This setting is addressed starting at the 12:00 minute mark.


As far as I recall, even with Paging Marks as Known off, finishing the lesson still marks all blue words as known. I think that’s a really bad idea, although I like the feature for myself.

(Auto LingQ Creation is, I think, to do with whether you’ll automatically “LingQ” a word you’ve clicked on or have to click a definition manually.)


This is correct. Having Paging Marks Words as Known off still results in all blue words marked as known when you click the check mark for finishing the lesson.

These are essential two separate ways you can mess your known words list up, if your not careful.

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Happened to me as well when i accidentally double clicked on the second last page.
There is an option to turn it of on a page basis. I would like the option to turn it off when finishing a lesson as well.