Very hard to find courses that you made yourself

Hey guys… its really hard to find courses that you made yourself on the app… even on the website its a bit disorganised

Is there any plans to make some links to the courses list and filters like “Created by me” so i can find content I’m importing easier and if so when are they due out?

It was possible for all users some years ago. Let us wait for the official reply from LingQ.

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I use the iPhone/iOS app. Near the top of the app’s home screen, there are four tabs. For me, one of these is called ‘Imports’ (the others are My Courses, Feed and Course Library). Tapping ‘Imports’ takes you to your own courses.

If you don’t see ‘Imports’ in your tabs, you can add it. Tap the ‘hamburger icon’ (the three horizontal lines) at the top left, then the Settings icon at the bottom. Then tap the Home tab, and there you can customise which tabs you see on the home page of the app.

On the website, it’s similar. Go to Lessons → Home, and ‘My Imports’ should be one of the tabs, and if not, you can customise the tabs through the Settings icon to the right of the tabs.

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oh my god thank you so much lol now i feel like an idiot! just added the setting in and all my lessons are there (imported my entire text books worth of dialogues you know, comprehensible input and all :P) now i can finally find the courses on my ios device without having to load the site up on a pc… open a lessons learn a word close it, close the app then reopen the app to get it to show up in my ‘recents’ … thats what i was doing lol…