Verb tags and link to reverso conjugation

I’ve noticed on many verbs that I’ve lingq’d they’ve been tagged with the base form of the verb and that it is somehow linked to the popup reverso conjugation dictionary. This is pretty cool and I find it very useful for German in particular where a root verb can have many prefixes that change the meaning. It’s also nice to easily popup the conjugation table without having to click in my managed dictionaries.

On some verbs the tag is missing so I added the tag for the base form or prefixed base form (which appears in a checkbox list), thinking doing this would add that fancy link. No =(. It’s just a tag. Which is fine, but I’m wondering if that is something that gets linked later, maybe after some review by someone on Lingq staff? Or is it something that I can do and I’m just not seeing that functionality?

The specific word I tried this on was “abgewehrt”. I added the missing “abwehren” which is the base for of this prefixed verb. It doesn’t link to anything. If I click on the “reverso verb conjugation” dictionary it pops up as expected, but not from the tag like many other verbs I’ve seen (including prefixed ones).

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At the moment, only auto-generated verb tags have that link attached to them. We’ll see if that’s something we can improve in future.


Please consider “linking” the tags as an option that users can turn OFF. Often when trying to delete a tag, I am then sent to another page which wastes more time.

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