Various issues across platforms

As a returning subscriber there’s quite a few annoying issues / bugs both with the current versions and the betas. I’m not sure which of the following are being worked on, so I’ll give a brief summary and provide further details if requested.

  1. The forum is virtually unusable with Chrome on Android. When I am replying to a comment and try to edit it the editor just keeps duplicating my words. Example I type ‘helpp’ by mistake, I delete the ‘p’ but the result is ‘helphelp’ I try to fix it and I end up with ‘helphelphelp’. And this just goes on and on and on…

  2. On my Mac, I deleted French as my learning language by mistake, and this obviously removed my LingQs and everything else in vocabulary. However this vocabulary is still showing in the Android beta app a couple of days later.

  3. I re-ordered a playlist on the Android beta, but these changes don’t sync to the web app.

  4. The whole lesson / courses structure is confusing and unintuitive. I think items should only be added to ‘Continue studying’ if we explicitly ask them to be. If you’re just browsing around looking for new material, then you need to go in and clean out all the stuff you’re not interested in. Deleted items have a habit of reappearing, or sometimes it takes multiple attempts to remove them. For example, this section was empty, I open up a lesson, the lesson is then added to the ‘Continue studying’ section, and an old deleted Netflix import also reappears.

Also, lessons marked as complete still appear in the ‘Continue studying’ section.

I remove everything from ‘Continue studying’, but I scroll down the page and the same items now appear in a section called ‘My lessons’.

  1. The presentation of the layout library is massively improved, but there’s just too many random lessons and the content needs to be curated to appeal to new as well as current users.

For example, under ‘News’, there’s a whole bunch of different ‘Journal en français Facile’ episodes, all differently named, with different icons. Some of the ‘Courses’ have 1 or 2 lessons.

The ‘What’s new’ section for French contains a couple of podcasts and then around a dozen random sections of chapters of ‘Le bouchon de cristal’.

The way the ‘Mini Stories’ are displayed is great, but this seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

Thanks for reporting issues. We will look into it.