Vanishing satellite channels

The Spaniards have moved my TVEi - don’t they know it confuses me?

Try to find a new satellite frequency for that channel on the internet. The official website certainly exists.

A few months ago, Google rerouted its China users to the Hong King site. This week they rerouted them back. Don’t they know it cofuses 400 million of users? -:slight_smile:

Here is quote from my yesterday Yahoo News:

"China’s regime has a complicated relationship with the freewheeling Internet, reflected in its recent standoff with Google over censorship of search results. China this week confirmed it had renewed Google’s license to operate, after the company agreed to stop automatically rerouting users to its Hong Kong site, which is not subject to China’s online censorship.

The Internet is China’s most open and lively forum for discussion, despite already pervasive censorship, but stricter controls could constrain users. The country’s online population has surged past 400 million, making it the world’s largest."

Yes I read on tve they stop broadcasting from Astra. So I think you need another sat.

I have tve from the cable - for now they are only broadcasting live fiesta with human red sea.

New sat is Hot Bird 8, 13° este, 11727 GHz, polarizacion vertical, etc

Merci, PierreM. I shall get busy with my remote control. (I love a challenge, not.)