Vanishing LingQs

I’ve posted about this several times. Am I really the only user who suffers from it, and is there really no solution? I make a LingQ, and some while later the same word pops up in a new document, so it’s already yellow. I click on the yellow word in the new document, and lo and behold, the entry is blank: I am greeted with the ‘Enter a translation here’ message in the box where I formerly entered my translation. This does not happen with every LingQ I make, but it is frequent enough to be annoying. I have now created a significant number of LingQs twice if not more often. I can’t find out what causes the translations to vanish. It’s nothing to do with the language flag attached to the LingQ. It seems to be random. It’s not the whole LingQ that vanishes, just the translation.

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Yes, it keeps happening for a while. Possibly, they fixed the error that was causing empty translations.
At least you can guess it from the recent LingQ application update description:

  • Fixed issue with Playlist skipping tracks and counting 2x listens
  • Fix issue when deleting translations in a card
  • Other fixes and improvements
  • Sentence mode audio playback plays clip from lesson track (for compatible lessons only).
  • Automatic language tags for supported words.
  • Challenges and milestones.
  • Achivements now pop up when you reach certain milestones in your language learning progress.
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Сергей, спасибо! Посмотрим.

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