Vancouver, Russian exchange in English

I’m Lina. Not long ago I arrived in Vancouver. My English isn’t fluent so I want not only to improve it but also to find new friends here. In exchange I can offer conversations in Russian.
I prefer live communication if it is possible.

You didn’t even mention that you speak Lithuanian! Such a beautiful, amazing language!

Yes, Lithuanian is my mother tongue language :slight_smile: and I agree, this is beautiful language, but it is uncommon so I don’t think that there is someone who would want to learn Lithuanian…

I would like to organize a meet up of Vancouver LingQ members where we can speak a variety of languages, in fact I will start a separate thread on this subject. I hope to see you there.

Pamparaite, some of my family comes from Lithuania and I heard this language as a child. When I get the chance, I’m going to learn it! :slight_smile:

Hello Lina. I’m from Vancouver but I live in Japan now. I may be returning to Vancouver soon, but unfortunately I’m not studying Russian. I have contact with a lot of language teachers in Vancouver though, and most of them study some foreign language. If I hear of anyone who is studying Russian, I’ll let you know. There are many more Russian-speaking students in Vancouver now compared to just a few years ago. It was 8 years ago that I was last teaching full-time in Vancouver. I don’t remember ever having any Russian-speaking students at that time. Enjoy your time in Vancouver!

Steve, that’s a good idea! I would be glad to join :slight_smile:

Imyirtseshem, nice to hear :slight_smile: If you will need help with Lithuanian some day just ask. I will try to help :wink:

Bortrun, thank you. I believe that until now Russian isn’t very popular language in Vancouver and big part of the world … I also learned it involuntarily :)… However I like Russian.
Besides Vancouver is wonderful city :slight_smile:

hello lina…myself athul…i am learning english,i am an intermediary speaker…i want partners to practice english using skype.

There are many Russian speakers in the park in Vancouver I usually take my kids too. Second only to Mandarin speakers. Anglos are a decided minority here :slight_smile: