Vancouver meet up of LingQers and language lovers

Calling all LingQ members in Vancouver. How about getting together for a multilingual evening where we can get to know each other and speak a variety of languages?

Let me know here or by email, or on my wall if you are interested. I hope to meet you soon.

This is a repeat post since the title of the first post contained a typo. (gulp)

Bortrun replied.

Like a LingQ group party? It sounds fun. I may be moving back to Vancouver soon for a few months, so I’d be interested. I’m not particularly multilingual though as I only speak Japanese and bad French…

As long as you speak one language, even sign language, you are most welcome. I am sure someone will talk to you.

Maybe we should wear little flag stickers showing which languages we speak :slight_smile:

In terms of flag stickers, Steve would look like a former Soviet general. :slight_smile:

Yes, that image flashed in my head when I wrote the comment :smiley:

how I wanted to live close to canada.

I might come. Steve bringing the girls?

I am into it :slight_smile:

While the response has not been overwhelming, I will try to organize something for mid April. I may talk about at my youtube channel and blog too. Give me some time. Thanks for getting back.