Valid audio url?

I’ve always been able to use this site before, but now you’re telling me it’s not a valid audio url:

Hi Wulfgar,
I’ve just tried to import test lesson using audio link you provided and I was able to do that without any problems. Be sure to add both audio URL and audio duration in seconds.
Please try again and let us know if it works.

I did that and tried several times before I posted this. But I noticed that you guys have been making changes so I’m guessing that it was temporarily broken during my last attempt. I’ll try it again when it becomes necessary, and post about it here if there’s a problem.

Nope, it still doesn’t work. I’m using chrome on a Mac. I just tried to create a lesson with audio, and it didn’t work. Then I created it without, and tried to add it later. No luck. I got the same error message each time:
Please correct the following errors:
Field “external_audio”: Enter a valid audio url

Here is the lesson and the link to audio:

Here is a lesson I made back when it worked just fine:

Hi Wulfgar,
Can you please check it again, audio works fine for me in the lesson you shared above (Login - LingQ). Did you figured it out or maybe you’ve got the error message but the audio was uploaded?

sorry, wrong lesson. here is the right one:

Really strange. I’ve just tried to edit the lesson and added audio link which you have provided and lesson was saved normally. As you can see (check the lesson), audio has been added without any problem. We can try to login to your account and try to reproduce the issue from it. If you agree, please send us your login info to support email so that we can try to upload same audio from you account and figure out what could be wrong.
Do you have this issue only with this one site or you are not able to upload audio at all?

I just created a test lesson, and had the exact same results. Are you using Chrome on a Mac? Anyway, I sent my login details to your support email.

I am using Chrome on windows, so maybe it’s related to Mac only. Thanks for sending us your login info, we will check it.

Any progress on this?

Hi Wulfgar,
The issue is reported to our developers and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more informations from them. Thanks for your patience!

But you asked for my logon details. Did you even use them?

I did and I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, but I am using windows computer. So, let’s wait until our developers check it, they will try to reproduce it on Mac and hopefully they will figure out what is wrong soon.