Vacation Time and Studying

Well , I’ll be away for a week where theres no computer, no internet and no cellphone signal. Away to celebrate christmas holiday with the family!!!
I wont be able to Lingq however my plan is to do ALOT of listening Especially recent imported content that i uploaded.

How’s everyone else dealing with christmas vacation and their language study?

I’ll be back in a week to read responses =p.

I will be doing a lot of cross country skiing while listening to Korean and Russian (while the rest of the family goes downhill. I will also do some of that too)

. I will also be reading my LingQed content on my iPad.

I will be at Big White near Kelowna where the snow is just about guaranteed. Aside from the skiing, and good food, every evening, with Mark and my grandson Kyle we will be paying pick up hockey on a huge outdoor rink.

I will be spending a lot of time with my family, however I always have my ipod on me, so I will still be able to do a lot of listening. I will also be reading a German book that I bought.

I will be traveling and visiting family, too. Fortunately, I will have cell phone coverage and will listen to audio lessons and practice with flashcards on my phone. Once in a while, I do use the phone to call people! My netbook will also come along on this trip.

When we go to the in-laws I stick a couple of audiobooks on my mp3 player and offer to do the washing up every night. This buys me good karma and half an hour’s peaceful listening each day.

For the next 3 1/2 weeks, I am going to immerse myself in French: podcasts, LingQs and texts, French tv, videos, movies. In addition, I plan on reading a few French novels: La Place, Le gone du Chaâba, and Et si c’était vrai. I am so happy to have the time to do this! Whenever I visit family, I always carry a French book, notebook, and my Nano in my European bag–never leave home without it!

Since I am home for the holidays for a short 3-4 week break from university, I will be mainly working on my German and Spanish like crazy! I wasn’t making that much progress in my German the way I wanted to and now since I have the time I am able to do that and am making great progress!

I will have my ipod and my Spanish and German notebooks with some of the material I am working on right now on me whenever my family goes to meet up with the rest of the family for holiday festivities.

An ebook reader is pretty handy too. Not only can you put books on it, you can also print out your LingQ lessons with a PDF virtual printer and put them all on your ebook reader. Then you can read them all off-line.

I am going to learn English. I think I’ll make a breakthrough. Why? I’ll have a lot of time because I don’t celebrate christmas. In my opinion it’s wasting of time. :))