V5 issues on Android

Here’s a few things which don’t work on v5 on Android;

  • SRS review is really buggy and it doesnt remove the practiced words once I’ve reviewed. List is growing day by day
  • Audio on the flashcards is patchy, sometimes it doesn’t work at all, sometimes it’s really slow and plays over the following card once you move on, sometimes its fine
  • Phrases are hardly ever visible on the flashcards
  • Learnt word scoring seems to have gone haywire - it gave me 50+ coins just when turning 1 page which had 1 new learnt word on it and I added 400+ learnt words in a lesson which told me it only had less than 50 news words in
  • Italian pronunciation seems to have been changed and there are quite a few basic errors (hard G in Gl etc…)

These are just some of the things I experienced in a half an hour, mobile app is pretty much unusable and I’ve had to revert to web version

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Thanks for reporting all this. We are already familiar with some of this stuff and working on it. We will push an update soon.
Regarding Italian pronunciation, do you have Google TTS system set as default on your device?

i dont have any TTS on my device, Italian pronunciation errors are the same on pc and android versions. I’ve also spotted them when an Italian word shares a spelling with an english word - it defaults to the english pronunciation (in the Italian accent?!?!) - i.e. ‘dispense’ is wrong

Hey all, I an issue with my Lingq app that I wanted to report.

I don’t seem to generate coins when I listen on my app. I’m not sure if that is by design or a bug. I tried listening both from a playlist and directly within the lesson. I’m running on android.


It is a bug. We are working on it and we will have it fixed.

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