Using YouTube material

I find plenty of interesting material in Spanish and French on the YouTube website. I want to extract the audio material and use the auto generated transcripts to help me understand the audio better. What do you think of using these transcripts and importing them into LingQ?

I usually see many errors in auto generated transcripts. Sometimes it can be a good aid but it’s far from being accurate. I would search for videos that have professional transcripts (or subs) if you want to import them into Lingq.

Agree. Also, how would you get the auto-generated transcripts? I found a browser plug-in that will download “normal” subscripts, but it does not support the auto-generated subscripts for some reason. If you have a plug-in or other automated way to do this I’d be interested to know about it. Despite their deficiencies, I sometimes would like to get a copy of those.

I agree. The auto subs are generally garbage unless I just keep watching bad videos.

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I am also watching Youtube videos to improve listening comprehension and have just decided to turn them off