Using the tags

Do you know that there is a difference in using the tags, depending from where you want to choose them?
If I am in the “LingQs of the Day” and click on a tag I want to choose, it doesn’t work. Only one or not one is to see.
But if I go to “Study” (Lernen) and choose “Vocabulary” there, then it is possible to have the vocabularies with the corresponding tag.

@Irene777 - This is actually by design. When viewing a specific list of words (for example the LingQs of the Day list for a certain day), the filters on the right will only apply to the words that are included in that list.

If I’m looking at words from a lesson, then use the search at the top right, it will only search among words in that lesson. To search among all my saved LingQs, I will have to click the “All LingQs” button at the left.