Using the audio in the car

I want to use my travel time to practice but when I tried downloading lessons but get it only in Spanish. I need the English translation as well or I am just making noises that I don’t understand. Does anyone have any suggestions?

@annelisef - The idea of the site is that you read the lessons on the website where you can look up each word and get a translation. Also many of the beginner lessons come with a full translation which you can find in the lesson resources tab on the right. Then, once you Have looked up and saved or LingQed all the words you don’t understand, you can then download the audio and listen to it and start to understand it. It’s this process of reading, listening and reviewing your vocabulary multiple times that will lead to you learning this lesson. Listening is the largest part of this task and it is what you can do while in your car but, you will need to read the lesson on the website first.