Using slots for un-supported languages, is anybody else doing this?

Hi, is there a way I can set the dictionary to default to a language that isn’t the one supported by the in the slot?
I mean, I’m using the Portuguese section to import Hungarian; can I make the dictionary refer to Hungarian automatically?


Apparently they’re testing a beta language feature at the moment, and it should be ready in the next few weeks. So, I would wait if I were you.

The beta feature has been talked about for a while… : / but, I think I can cope for a few weeks more, even if I have to manually change the dictionary each time. Thanks all the same.

Steve wrote a couple of days ago he hoped beta languages would be available “next week”… I haven’t used any slots for unsupported languages so far, as I’ve been waiting for beta languages to be implemented.

Good good, I look forward to it at last :slight_smile: