Using skype

How many of you have problems with skype, poor connections, members being kicked off by skype etc.

Our new tutor Helen is experiencing some of these difficulties. Do you have any experience that could help her?

I have merely found that some people have poor connections which are unreliable or sometimes give of unpleasant screeching sounds. If I can identify these people I ask them to talk to me one on one, since we do not want to inconvenience everyone for one or two members with poor connections. WE can advise these people but it really is up to them to find their problem.



Skype has been very stable recently.

Yes, no problems. Problems only occur if one has a bad connection. If one participant has problems with his connection it can cause problems for the whole group.

No problem at all with Skype. Very very good quality.

myskype name is “synthpaintann synthpaintann” . I am limited to Europe for making calls personally. But welcome calls from Brazilian speakers particularly, who have global access.