Using Pinyin with the App?

Hey you guys I was just wondering is it possible to change a setting so that you can have Pinyin above the chinese characters in the app? Or is this just for the website based Lingq?If not, are there any plans for this in the future?Thanks!!

Hi wolfonthefold,
For now Pinyin is available only on Flashcards view of a lessons in the app. In full or sentence mode Pinyin is not available for now, it should be available on new app version which is in process of building.

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Great to hear thanks Zoran! I look forward to the new update, this will make things much easier.

Hey I’m just wondering if Pinyin in the app is still a priority? I love learning on the iPad app but unfortunately it’s pretty much useless for me right now without the Pinyin, as my level of Chinese is very low.

Guys, just use Pleco on the side, unfortunately the pinyin in the definitions is many times wrong!

The wrong pinyin is pretty annoying, now I’m often adding the correct one to the translation which then makes the review system partly useless.
Regarding Pleco: it would be truely awesome to have Pleco as a lookup option or at least add a button to easily copy the Hanzi to the clipboard.