Using Netflix to learn Mandarin

Do you use Netflix to learn Chinese? Netflix has arguably become the most powerful online language learning tool currently in existence. In my latest blog I explain how I use it to learn Chinese and recommend the best Mandarin shows to watch: How to learn Mandarin with Chinese Netflix Shows – I'm Learning Mandarin

How about you? Which shows do you recommend?


After watching it with English subs, it is my life goal to watch 大秦帝國 with Mandarin subs. I think I have a good bit more groundwork to lay before I am ready though.

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Thanks a lot!

migaku browser extension ( is loads better than language reactor. it’s a paid service, but worth it

you can download compressed audio for passive listening (was doing this until i discovered the wonderful world of 猫耳FM), make +1 anki cards, skip non dialogue scenes at 8x speed and it works on youtube (as long as the subtitles aren’t hardcoded). I think they are eventually planning on getting it to work on viki (and perhaps iqiyi one day, which would be a dream come true)

iqiyi has a way better selection than netflix, but you have to use the dualsub chrome extension in order to be able to use zhongwen pop up dictionary. Viki is not great, half the time their subtitles cut out, and everything on there is usually free on youtube anyway (but they have a nice Taiwanese selection).

also recommended resources is using mydramalist to find dramas to watch / keep organized and Marcus here! on youtube is has a really good rundown of what is recently released (as cdrama release dates are…???)

i may have watched and listened to episodes 1-5 of the untamed so many times i have a lot of the dialogue memorized hahaha

i love cdramas so so much…