Using music to learn Language

So after all attempts I’ve made, I’ve realized that I Enjoy using music to learn the language I’m learning. Chinese.

And I’d like to import song lyrics of my fav songs into lingQ and basically learn the vocabularies of them and some quick phrases from them. I’ve realized that Using music helps one Memorize words and phrases better and I’ve also seen someone say something like.

You might read through a book or listen to a podcast Or even write down Endless vocabularies or so and never go back to that which you’ve written. but you can never not go back to the music you like. So in the sense you subconsciously listen to Them and when you’ve got the vocabularies down and phrases from them, when you listen you automatically are reminded of those words you learnt etc.
But yeah! There are cons to it. For example Chinese being a tonal language and omitted tones in the songs and so on.

So I need to hear you takes on this aspect of it

HSK 3 isn’t enough to simply grab a chinese paperback novel and read it unless it’s a children’s book. At least reach a HSK 5 or HSK 6 to understand the majority of characters.

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