Using Movies, TV shows, or Dramas to learn a language

My language exchange partner will often have me watch a TV show with him. 7000 miles apart, we both watch an episode, him with the subtitles turned on, and he pauses frequently for me to repeat what was just said or ask questions. It is pretty cool. I can help his English learning with a real world example.

Have you ever used foreign language shows as part of your language learning?

Have you tried Mango Premier? It claims it is the first tool that lets you learn a language while watching a movie.

It looks pretty cool. I tried the free “Kung Fu Dunk” movie in Mandarin Chinese. Teaching vocabulary just before you watch a scene and then following up after with pronunciation and grammar seems pretty effective way to learn. (Premier has 6 languages: Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and Ingles Para Hablantes de Espanol)

Now if they would only come out with it using Korean and a Korean drama!

Anyone have tips on how I could use dramas to learn a foreign language?

For now, I have to content myself with KPOP to KTalk and their song lessons.