Using LingQ on a Mac

Hi everyone,

I’m using someone else’s Mac at the moment (until my internet connection is set up at my new place).

I’m very new to using Macs. Can someone tell me how to highlight words and phrases (or text in general) on a Mac?


it should be exactly the same, just run your mouse over the words ?

Yeah but there are no mouse buttons, just a mouse (laptop). I can select a whole sentence or a whole word (doubling clicking on the ‘mouse’). But I don’t know how to highlight a specific number of words. Very frustrating! haha

ha, i see… use the control+click for the equivalent of left-click on a PC, or it might be the apple key : )

You need to click down and, without releasing the click, highlight your text (with another finger). Then release the click.

Or, if you tap twice on the trackpad with your finger and hold your finger on the pad after the second tap you can then drag that finger to highlight. Tap again to finish your highlight.

I’ve often found that double-click/releasing with my index finger, dragging the text with my middle finger, and performing the “find the lady” card trick with my thumb, ring and little finger gets the job done as well. In addition, you can amaze your family and friends with your digital dexterity and perhaps even win some money from them.