Using IPhone/Correcting Tags

Two questions for anyone who knows the answers:

(1) When I use the app on my Iphone, it shuts off automatically when I put the Iphone in the mode where the screen goes dark (i.e., I press the upper right button physically on the top of the phone). The problem is, if you have to leave the phone in the full operating mode, then I can’t put the phone in my pocket without the touch screen causing the app to be interrupted, plus it runs the batter down more. With ITunes, however, you can listen why the phone is in the dark mode/sleep mode, without having to deal with these kinds of problems. Is there a setting on the IPhone that would allow me to use the app, listen to lessons, in the same manner in which one uses ITunes in this particular way?

(2) I have tags that I don’t really like anymore, or want to rename (or just spell correctly). Is there a way to edit my tags that I use for LingQ’s?


My iPhone doesn’t turn off the audio if I lock it. But have you tried, once it goes to the lock screen. Double clicking the home button at the bottom, and from there the play button should come up and allow you to play it.

Have you checked the background audio option under the LingQ app? That also may be it. Sorry if that wasn’t of any help.

For issue #1 above, probably is the background audio setting, good suggestion – will give that a shot.

@CTaylor - It looks like you may have already sorted out #1. For #2, there isn’t a quick way to change a tag in all LingQs that contain that tag. What you should do instead is click that tag on the right-hand side of the Vocabulary page so that the LingQs that contain that tag show up. Then remove that tag from each LingQ and replace it with the new tag.