Using Google Docs during Skype conversations

This is a question for tutors.
Do you use Google Docs during your conversations? If not, why?
Or do you just make notes in the chat window?

I use Google Docs very often, but I also use the chat window.

I hadn’t thought about using Google Docs. Often I am looking at the same lesson as the person I am speaking with. For example we are practicing English. As we speak together I select words that they need to work on directly from the lesson I then export them and clear my list for the next lesson. I then provide those words in the report. If they say something that isn’t in the lesson and needs help i note the sentence or words and again add it to the report. I then read the report and send it to them.

Hello, I do use google docs with students who take professionnal lessons with me now. It’s really convenient because we see the same thing at the same time, it’s interactive and we can add comments or other elements outside the lessons. I don’t use it for the conversations I give on Lingq though because I have to send the report on Lingq after le session, so it makes google docs useless. I write in the chat window when necessary and then send the report with the notes I’ve taken during the conversation.