Using Glossika with Lingq and also finding Novels in Spanish, German or Russian

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used or is using Glossika with Lingq? I ask because I’m not sure if their PDFs can be used on Lingq…I know there is software to convert PDFs that don’t let you copy and paste but I am not comfortable downloading random software. So, I was hoping that they allow you to copy and paste. Also, any advise on sites to buy ebooks (novels) that will work with Lingq would be great (in Spanish, German or Russian)…Just to note I have tried searching for these things but I never know what will and won’t work on Lingq Thanks, Casey.

What I’ve found (from 2016 purchases) is that the ready-made packages (like English->whatever) are secured and don’t readily allow copy-paste. But the custom-made packages (3 language or not-English->whatever) have not been secured, and copy/paste is technically possible. Thai I think doesn’t copy/paste correctly, despite this.

I don’t know what you would do about the fact that the .pdfs have a lot of unwanted stuff between the actual sentences (source language, IPA or different romanizations).

Russian novels for download can be bought at If you do a search for Calibre and download from their site, you should have a problem free convertor. I’ve found a few uniquely encoded Hebrew language pdfs that calibre can’t seem to convert, but otherwise, for non-secured pdfs it works wonders.

Thanks for letting me know about Glossika. As for the pdfs, I’ve seen also epub available at sites where you can get ebooks and wondered if this would be better. I was really wanting to get a Harry Potter book in any of the languages I mentioned but I’m guessing those on the Harry Potter (I think they are epub) website probably don’t work on Lingq. I’ve never used epub or imported a book to Lingq so I don’t know how that would work. I’ve Only used the import for the web and the already made content but this doesn’t interest me so much and I’d just like to import books.

Thanks for the website and the name of the convertor, I will check them out.

I use Glossika on here all the time. Remember to keep your imports private, and not share.

The HP books or any other books you have read are nice though. Already knowing the story allows you to focus on the how it is being said vs being as confused and trying to figure out what is going on

For Russian I buy novels at (really affordable prices, btw). They’re very easy to upload to lingq. Just as TamL suggested.
Also consider public domain novels, such as the ones you can find in Wikisource or the Gutenberg Project

Harry Potter books from the official store are not protected and you can easily convert them into txt format using Calibre or similar software

I’m able to copy and paste from my English/French Glossika PDFs, using both Acrobat Reader and Windows Reader.

You have your choice of formats to download from All the books I have bought are available in PDF, HTML, TXT, EPUB, maybe MOBI, e.g., and you can download in multiple formats with a single purchase. So I will download an epub version for reading on my phone or tablet, and plain text for import into Lingq. HTML works well for that, too, when doing copy-paste.