Using e-books on Lingq

Hi, I read somewhere (I think it was on the Lingq blog) that you can use e-books on Lingq to learn from. I tried to copy and paste from an e-book but can’t so how do you learn from an e-book? Is it a certain type of e-book? Thanks for any help.

Try using calibre to convert to .txt although some other formats work as well. I still have some pdfs in non-latin based languages that are encoded rather strangely and they come out unreadable no matter what I do. It’s possible that your ebook is drm protected, but I’ve had success with most ebooks.

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Hi caseya,
Take a look at this blog post:
I hope it will help to explain how to import e-books.

Thanks TamL.
Hi zoran, thanks, I checked out the link and downloaded the software mentioned in the article. I will next try to convert an ebook. Thanks again.