Using custom fonts for lessons - Russian cursive

I want to practice reading cursive fonts for Russian. These are not available by default.

I came up with a temporary solution: I install a cursive font called Lobster, then I go to the lesson in my browser, open the “inspector” with Ctrl+Shift+C and select the relevant text, then I go to the second column and look for the “font-family” setting, and change the first value to “Lobster”. It works.

But of course, next time I refresh the browser it goes back to the default font.

I tried a permanent solution. I use Linux, and I can use an instruction to substitute a font with another in a configuration file. I tried to substitute the font “museo-sans-rounded” with the Lobster font. I got the name of this font looking at the “inspector”. Well, it didn’t work. However, if I substitute the Helvetica font for the Lobster font, it works. It looks like the museo-sans-rounded font defaults to the Helvetica font, which I can substitute very easily in my system, but then it wrecks many websites who use that font. I want to substitute the museo-sans-rounded font directly. Any suggestions?

Sounds like you’re handy with low-level stuff. If you’re handy enough with javascript (ecmascript) etc. you could probably use Grease Monkey or one of its offshoots to selectively apply the style only where you need it on the Lingq site. If there are other ways to externally and selectively modify stylesheets of sites, I don’t know of them but would like to learn. I’d be surprised if the Lingq staff took their attention from higher priority items to support a special font on the basis of a single request. (But sometimes I get surprised.)

Another way to learn cursive is through videos such as this one:

In this very old-fashioned series for beginners (taken from television) the teacher teaches how to write the cursive letters, a few letters each lesson. But you will have to endure the old-fashioned teaching style.

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