Using a tablet for LingQ

If I want to use LingQ on a tablet, do I have to use the mobile app or can I also use the desktop version (which I would prefer)?

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You can use the desktop version, but the mobile app will give you a better user experience on mobile devices in my opinion. Especially if you are using iOS.


I’m on an Android tablet and use both the app and website depending on what I’m doing. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. :slight_smile:


Thanks to both of you (SeoulMate, BassmasterJJ) :heart: :heart:

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I bought a Boox note air 2 (no screen glare) and set it up to work well with LingQ.

  • I’m using Firefox (app shortcuts don’t work [Lingq, please fix it.].
  • I set up a 12 key external keyboard for macros/ keystrokes and a cable so I can go to teh next page in sentence mode, translate and hear audio from one key press. This should be in the app as a button and on a shortcut by default [Lingq, please fix it.].
  • A logitech G604 mouse can work but the software (GHUB) is poor. An alternative, onboard memory manager is OK for simple shortcuts).
  • screen settings need to be optimises as does DPI and broswer accessibility zooming.
    So lots of set up hassle but then is works. I read 4,500 words yesterday without screen glare.