Using a language once you learn it

How can I become completely confident and fluent in a language when I speak, and what are the rewards for that? How should I use it once I learn it well enough, besides talking to tutors? I don’t have much money, so I can’t travel soon, but it’s the only way I could enjoy speaking that language all the time. My dream is to live someday in another country, but I want to travel and to find ways to accomplish that. That will be my reward. But, tell me you opinions on this and suggestions. I want to write a blog, but I don’t have an inspiration for that. I want to someday document my speaking of various languages. That would be cool, but I just started the journey to that stage of hyperpolyglottery. :smiley:

I learn English and French. Which resources beside LingQ, movies and songs I should use? Can somebody give me an advice, or recommendation?

Btw, I would request the change of the title of this thread to: “Using language, and language resources, besides LingQ, movies and songs.”

Ninche, thread titles cannot be changed, unfortunately…

If you cannot travel to the countries where your study languages are spoken, you can try to meet foreigners in your country, with webcommunities like Couchsurfing or alikes.

As for sources to improve your target languages, I would suggest you watch tv (especially the news and documentaries) and listen to the radio. TV5 is a very good resource for French, and you have many more for English (BBC, CNN, etc.).

Sites to talk with natives:

I hope that I’m not breaking LingQ rules, posting those sites.

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Another site to practice your listening, speaking and writing skills in an informal way with natives:

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

There is this site and You Tube channel for French called Imagiers:
The guy has about 100 000 movies on his channel that have to do it with French language, really useful and on the site you can find really useful resources for French language.


Also the site:

I hope that helped and I wish you luck!