Using a different Dictionary Language for different languages

Bit of an awkward question, I don’t think it’s possible on LingQ, but I may have missed something, so here goes.

I am studying Japanese, and I’ve just started Korean as well. I am trying to use Japanese to assist with my Korean as a way to:
a) Have a closer language for the translations (at least grammatically)
b) Re-enforce my Japanese

To do this, I’ve switched my Dictionary Language (on the settings screen) to Japanese, however, this also affects the settings for Japanese, which makes the default Google Translate pretty redundant and means there are no user hints for obvious reasons. I’m assuming this is an account wide setting and not just for the active language.

Am I missing something really obvious, or would there be no way to have the setting as English for Japanese, and Japanese for Korean? Except, of course, for changing this manually when I want to switch my study language.

To clarify, I mean the language which is used for the pop-up recommendations on a new word; if I go into the Search Dictionary section from there, that part is all fine, except for the User Hints section.

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Here’s to hoping it isn’t stored at account level. In the past, as part of my job, I’ve had to change the level of settings similar to this from a database perspective and it can be a real nightmare to change. If it is stored at account level, I’m not going to hold my breath for a change.

There is currently no way to set your dictionary language for specific language slots. I don’t recall having had that request before. We’ll have to see what is possible there but will add it to the wishlist.

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Realistically, how many people require different dictionary languages for the different languages they are studying. Those who do can change their own settings each time they want to focus on a language. Mark has added this to the wish list, but I suspect there are many improvements ahead of it.

Thanks for the clarification, it was more of an “Is this possible? If so, how could I do it?” than a “Please add this to LingQ”. I wouldn’t imagine this is a common request at all, so I wouldn’t see it as being worth the development time for such a small group that it would actually be useful for (possibly only me). I think I’ll keep manually switching for the time being, or stick with English as the dictionary language, and use a mix for Korean.

As for the comments from godaddy, I’m quite flattered that someone would register an account on LingQ just to post a snarky comment in response to a question. If you’re referring to LWT, which I believe you are, given your comment here and the fact that I mentioned LWT just yesterday, then you would know why I would not use LWT. LingQ still provides a far, far better user experience than LWT does.

If you’re not referring to LWT, please let me know as I wouldn’t know what system you are recommending, and it would be interesting to try out.

This idea has been coming to me all the time as well: I would prefer to see (auto)hints in German when importing Dutch song lyrics, but to stay with Russian for other languages, that have not so many reference points to German.