"username not found"

(LingQ beta test) This started last night and now today, 10-30-2021, where if I go to the main dashboard and I wait or move the mouse too long or scroll down or click on something it always comes up “something went wrong. username not defined” and if you refresh the page to see what happens, the same thing will repeat. What is happening?

Just got this myself.

Happens to me when I start to move the cursor to a lesson. Everything disappears except the upper menu area of LingQ and underneath, the “something went wrong…”

Chrome browser.

Hi Bob and Eric, this happens to me too since last night (opera browser). I reported it to Zoran on e-mail. My 4.0 still works for lessons, so it must be a beta error.

Sorry about that! We are looking into it and we will have it fixed, hopefully soon.