User reports random spacing in lesson

I recently uploaded a Danish course, but user Maria2 is reporting that the words have spacing inserted into them. When I go to look at the lesson, everything looks normal, so I cannot correct the problems. Is this problem related to her account, or does my text really have spacing interrupting all the words? I copied and pasted the text into MS Word, and I do not see any splicing. I can lingq fine, but she can’t.

Here is what she reported for the lesson, Den lille pige med svovlstikkerne. The two original words she also saw that were split up were “d reng” (dreng) and “h jemme” (hjemme). The first bit of text in her report isn’t in the story, and she shouldn’t be seeing the editing marks at all. "ss=“mceNonEditable”>¶ "


"In the next line, I see the following, giving rise to two non-lingquable words which should also be removed (perhaps also not visible for you).

ss=“mceNonEditable”>¶ Snefnuggene faldt i hendes lange gule hår, der krøllede så smukt om nakken, men den stads tænkte hun ri gtignok ikke på.

There’s another split word there too “ri gtignok” making that four nonsensical words in total. All in a single sentence.

a) ss,
b) mceNonEditable
c) ri
d) gtignok

I have the same problem. In case it is of any importance I use Windows 10 and google chrome.

Hi Estela,
Sorry about that. It’s not the first time for me to see that issue, but I am still trying to figure out why it occur. Can you please contact us on support(at) and send us link to a lesson with that problem? Thanks!

Here’s an update:

I contacted support around the date of the original problem, and they could not find a problem with the text. Everything looked fine on their end. They went ahead and re-saved the lessons anyways. They also suggested I re-copy and past the text and save the lessons again.

I went to the source material, saved the text as a .pdf, reformatted it in Calibre, then copy/paste/saved all the lessons over again with their Calibre-format. It looked better overall, I think, especially with the paragraph spacing.

Hopefully the problem is fixed.

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