User interface translation in Russian

There can be done some improvements in the main LingQ screens with the interface in Russian.
It seems about a month ago or so some the text labels were modified. Now they look strange for me.
For example, “Upload video” instead of “Upload image” or “Lesson’s FAQ” instead of “Lesson’s forum”. I would suggest the russian values if needed.

Another question or request…
The lesson’s Info screen displays the lesson’s level, but there is not enough place to display it completely. So, I can see only ‘Intermediate …’ but it’s impossible to know whether it Intermediate 1 or Intermediate 2 is. I’d like to heve either more space, or shorter names for the levels, or shorter caption to make more space for the value.

Thank you.


Thank you for your feedback! I have contacted one of our Russian translators regarding the text labels. We will also look into adjusting the length of the translation which will make more space for the lesson level headings.

Please let us know if you have any further comments/feedback :slight_smile: