User Hints in multiple languages can now be selected as dictionaries

We just pushed an update which includes the ability to see User Hints created in other languages than your dictionary language. These User Hint options function just like any other dictionary resource and can now be set as your default dictionary. Those of you who have been asking for this can now check user hints in other languages that you may know.

Glad to hear this. But where can I set this up? I’ve tried to find it in the Settings but in vain. :frowning:

@kigoik - Just click on a LingQ, click the “Check Dictionaries & Resources” button, then select the Edit option. From here, you’ll be able to adjust which dictionaries show in the dropdown. Let us know if you’re still unsure of how to do this!

Just a quick comment. The list of languages in the drop down menu appears to be in some random order. Shouldn’t it be alphabetical or something? It took me ages to find German in the list.

Good suggestion! We’ll look into it.

Thanks for the update. I finally found it, but it is easy to find out at the first place to be honest. :slight_smile:

Its nice those dictionary choices.

Though, 2 comments:

-When you click on the “check dictionary & resources” combobox, you’re automatically brought back to the top of the page. So I have to scroll back to where I was after that.

-Could user notes results be display directly in the panel, and not in a popup? It adds one click to the process for closing the popup. Ok not super important I know, but clicks matter when you repeat the same action 200 times during the day. But I understand If this does not change back the way it was. There more I’m writting about it, the more I realize this is little bit silly as a request…

@eturgeon - We will fix the issue that shoots you to the top of the page when you click the Check dictionaries button.Sorry about that. As for your second request, I assume you are using the minimized view so would like to see the notes in the popup. Actually, that is something we will be doing.


Actually, I’m using the view which has a right panel always visible showing translation for words. If I select a yellow word, it shows me the most popular translation. But if I wanted to consult alternatives from other users, I used to choose “User edits”, and then the results were shown directly, with no popup. I found that convenient. Now the results are shown on top of the page, in a popup.

Note that sometimes I use the minimized view, and yes I would find that useful to have more stuff in the popup.

@eturgeon - Yes, we did change the way user hints are displayed. We added them as a dictionary resource. They do show in a popup but you can adjust and move the popup so you can arrange it in such a way as to not block anything you want to see.