Use your phone without the battery

“We are approaching the point where the only safe way to use your phone is to pull the battery out - and not all phones let you do that.”

“A smartphone uses more power the further away it is from a cellular base and the more obstacles are in its way as it reaches for a signal.”
I wonder if “the” should be put before “more” as well as before “further”.

Does the sentence mean that If a smartphone is further away from a cellular base, it uses more power?


The more advanced you get, the further you’ll get in your studies (a bit of a tautology, but a good way of illustrating that the the needs to be exactly where it is, in front of further.

The more obstacles are between a smartphone and the further it is away from a cellular base the more power it needs :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick reply.

You are welcome! Your post caught me during an extensive period of procrastination (there are piles and piles of papers waiting to be sorted and/or shredded)

Since I retired last March, I have been in an extensive period of procrastination. I rented an apartment to accommodate the books, journals and piles of papers from my office, but they are still in cardboard boxes, untouched.