Use of dictionary when lingqing

I’m learning portuguese and if I use the dictionary to create my lingqs, spanish and sometimes english translations appear. If a word exists in both spanish and portuguese, only the spanish dictionary entry appears. I know this is a known issue, because it has been discussed before.
At this point, I have to open an external dicionary ( Portugiesisch Deutsch Wörterbuch mit 246.435 Übersetzungen ) to look up the word. Therefore, it just takes too much time to create the LingQs and I usually get bored after 10 minutes because of this. Is it possible to black out the other dictionaries and show only the translation from my target language?

Hi Bjoern,

We can’t control what the Babylon dictionary displays, unfortunately. That sounds strange that it would deliberately not show Portuguese. That is not how it’s supposed to work. It is supposed to show all dictionaries that contain that word.


sind;befinden uns;wir sind;sind wir

That’s for example what I get for “estamos”


One day we will address the issue of dictionaries. For the time being if the dictionary is not working well for you into German, I would suggest the following, since your English is very good.

Use an English dictionary. You can set your dictionary language as English in the settings. However, enter the Hint in German. This will help us build a German dictionary. Our User’s Hints is our effort to try to capture as many definitions as possible within the system so we do not have to go to external dictionaries. At present any definition that has been chosen by at least 2 learners will appear in your Hint box automatically, pulled from the Users’ Hints list.

I figured that whole dictionary issue was just not on your to-do-list. I’ll change my dictionary language to English then.