[usability bug] notes after dictionaries and the list of popular meanings

Today I noticed the notes are again last-place citizens, after dictionaries and the list of popular meanings, even if the definition was already filled in. The problem is 2-fold:

  1. Meaning (definition) and notes are “one” in the sense that they belong together, not separated by an arbitrary list of popular meanings.
  2. The tab no longer directly travels from definition to notes making stuff needlessly awkward.
    The point is, I work with the keyboard. Every mouse grab is one too much. Tabbing to definition then to notes should be almost automatically the same for all definitions. Having a variable number of “popular meanings” in between is useless when the meaning has already been defined.

My request is to put the notes right after the definition, so that both visually and practically (tabbing) the two are in a combined set.

For people using the mouse to navigate, the order of dictionaries and popular meanings w.r.t. notes seems irrelevant. For keyboard users, both tab order and visual unity is important.

In other words, please let the variable part follow the fixed part (meaning and notes). In my view, the current situation is a regression.


I found myself in the same situation but I realized it’s on the settings now. Click reading settings->LingQs->toogle off “Show expanded meaning section”. I suppose that solves your issue. At least it seems to have solved mine.

Props to the LingQ team for the long awaited customization btw :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for the tip! That works. It might be an idea for lingq to advertise their changes: I would certainly applaud that!


I didn’t know about those new settings, thanks.

Although, it would be nice to see the notes without having to open the pop-up window. It would save an extra click.

Maybe we have the window configured differently, because I have no popup with notes. The definition and notes are below each other on the side of the screen. Could that be a config issue?

Yes, I don’t have the sidebar window. I do use the pop-up instead.