URGENT: Finding interesting Chinese political podcasts with transcripts

I know this will be a difficult question but does anyone know where I can find Chinese political podcasts/radio with Chinese transcripts? If not political then any advanced level podcasts that you know of. I really need to take myself to the next level. Any help will be appreciated.

It’s not a “podcast” per se, but you can look on 喜马拉雅 for 365读书. Look on their WeChat account and they have a complete transcript of most. Essays on a very wide variety of topics. Look at some of the lessons I’ve shared recently.

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I’ve got to tell you that navigating the Chinese social media universe is a nightmare for a total beginner like me. Do you have to have an account on wechat to look the transcripts up? Are there any podcasts on ximalaya that have transcripts already? How do you find them?

will check it out and your videos as well, do you have a link of the lessons you have shared?

Login - LingQ here

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