Upper Beginner Danish

I searched for this in the forum, but all I found was one comment (about 2 years old) about some advanced podcasts (one of which was cancelled in September)

I wanted to get back into Danish.
A couple of years back, I covered some beginner’s books. I found “Danske her & nu” which is basically a repetition of what I did before. I like it, but it does not propell me any further in my studies. I am not doing any challenge, but I wanted to get my feet wet again.

Basically I would be interested in Courses that cover upper beginner to intermediate material.

Also I would like some recommendations, what to do after the review and the ministories.

I know about dr.dk and have a couple of TV shows, but I am not really there yet…

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As you presumably speak English very well, I would honestly recommend HC Andersen. Some of the spelling is a little challenging compared to more modern Danish, but it is very likely that you recognize many of the popular stories.

Also as many are so popular, it is very easy to find audiobooks of a lot of them.

Here would be “Den Lille Havfrue”:

The reason I bring up English is it’s my perception that modern Danish has the most loanwords or directly imported words from English of all the Scandinavian languages. The other thing I’d say is the grammar feels the most similar to English of any language I have put any study into. From all this even though most of HC Andersen’s works are pushing 200 years old, it was really pretty easy for me to jump into more modern books after reading the stories I was interested in.

My one disclaimer on all this is I started reading Danish after I was reasonably competent at reading both Norwegian and Swedish. This really just jump-started my comprehension.

I will put a little more thought into it and let you know if I think of anything else. Übrigens… Wenn du Dänisch sprechen willst, dann ich drücke dir die Daumen, weil es nicht gerade einfach ist.

** Putting this at the end as I think this may work better for later, but one thing I did that I liked was I read the novelization of Borgen on Netflix. Each section of the book is an episode of the first season. I read the book and then watched series. The book definitely suffered as a book as it’s more Drehbuch than Roman, but for language learning purposes I definitely recommend it.


Where do you find that novelization?

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I believe I purchased it on Google Play Books. The author is Jesper Malmose. I have no idea how I discovered it in the first place.