Uploading new lessons

I tried to upload to the library my new lesson.
Again a lot of differences and again it’s becoming more and more comnplicate and takes more time for it.
For what reason?
And again it’s demanded a new image for every lesson though I had an image for the whole collection.
And instead of creating activity by making a new lesson I have to make this mechanical boring work of searching a new image in the Internet or among my pictures.
What was the aim of all these changes?
If something works well, why to change it- I can’t understand.

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I had a glance at the new layout.

I miss the lesson description. Where is it?

And why is the space for the text so small? It makes it unbelievable difficult to have a quick review and to spot spelling errors for example. Corrections and editing is unnecessarily difficult now.


Avec ce remue-ménage s’ouvre une nouvelle ère.

With the fuss opens a new era.

I further miss:

  • add another lesson to this course (I often import a bunch of lessons into one course for my daughter)
  • position number

Now I have to go back to the course page to do this.

I miss to to open the other lessons of this course directly.
Again I have to go back to the course page to do this. Sometimes I’ll overwork all lessons of a course to add notes etc.

This looks not like an improvement to me. It looks like a change of the design, but I do not understand why some important features got lost. The change of the design is a matter of taste maybe. But the loss of functionality is a pitty.


@TroisRoyaumes: I don’t understand your comment. Please could you explain it.

I found some more issues:

  • “Back to Import” brings me now to the list of courses, not the course (like before). If you have a long list of courses you have to search for it.
  • The position number is always zero now. It is not increased by 1 any longer.

Another point (but not as important as the other points):

  • I understand that the list of ressources was not nice. The new interface is clearer. But if you want to check which ressources exists is now difficult. You would have to check ALL languages for each kind of resource. It would help to get an overview if ressources exist, in which languages and which kind of ressource.

It is my response to evgueny’s “What was the aim of all these changes? If something works well, why to change it- I can’t understand.”

We are periodically subjected to this kind of change that is not necessarily an improvement; it’s almost become a routine that we have to accept.

What annoys me is seeing the big boxes for uploading images on the top of the page taking up much space and each time I have to scroll down to find the obscure window for import content. Those of us who import articles for private use have no need for images, so those big boxes should be moved elsewhere.


@TroisRoyaumes: I agree. I guess my points are errors or things that have been overseen when thinking about a new layout. I’m not against changing the layout to make it more modern or more clear, but I dislike changes that do not work well or work less properly than before.

@Evgueny: I remember we had the problem that a lesson image was required in a former update too. I guess they will make it like before so that the course image is taken in these cases. In the meantime you can simply take the same picture that you have chosen for the course.

I just uploaded my first lesson with the new import interface. All went well.

I imported a lesson to an existing course so I didn’t have to upload a picture.

I don’t like the fact that, there is a double space between each line after saving which can not be changed.

I miss the delete button.
Now I must go back to courses and then I can delete them.


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@all - We’re very sorry for the trouble caused by this update. As mentioned on the other thread that pmilone linked to above, we’ve been sidetracked by the recent attacks to the site and the forum. Unfortunately, in the midst of these ongoing attacks we were put in a tough situation when this update was unintentionally pushed as we were trying to bring our servers back online.

Please give us a few more days to get this page sorted out - by early next week it should be working better!

@Alex, I’ve noticed that when you now add a new lesson to an existing course, the new lesson is added to the top position instead of the bottom. It therefore takes an extra step to edit the course in order to put the new lesson in its proper position.

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@Pmilone: I’ve mentioned it above: “- The position number is always zero now. It is not increased by 1 any longer.”

@Alex: I understand the reason. This was definitely a very malicious attack. I hope you can fix things soon.

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The position number is always zero and GOES BACK TO ZERO every time you save a lesson. This is very annoying, because this means you have to put back the position whenever you save the lesson.
I hope all these issues gets sorted out soon.
NOTE: the captions are impossible to read for me.

@all - Thanks, we’ll get the ordering issue fixed as well.

@silviad - Sorry! The captchas were implemented to help us better defend against the recent attacks. We’ll look at adjusting them to make them less trouble for existing members!

I can understand why they say they are not focused on adding new languages right now. They have enough on their hands just keeping everything from falling apart, lol.

Hello all, I just would like to say that I am happy to hear that these bugs that Veral mentioned will be fixed soon. I too find them difficult to work with. I also would like to say that the new design looks really good. I particularly like the way you can add extra resources - now shown in a tab.

“I particularly like the way you can add extra resources - now shown in a tab.”

Adding extra resources was possible for years.
Now uploading/editing new lessons went worse, the new form is just awful.

@CSRCrisSantos - Thanks for your feedback. We are working on fixing some issues. We hope it will work much better soon.

@nd71 - would you tell us what exactly you don’t like in the new form so that we keep in mind your ideas for our future updates?