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Hi everyone!
First I need to say that I have a free account here in Lingq. For a while I’ve been wondering if it is possible for me to upload some material. Right now I’m learning English and French and I’ve found interesting videos in both languages in sources like youtube. Or perhaps I could record myself talking in Spanish (my native language) and writing the transcript. So my question is: It is possible for me, with the free account to do so?? and if the answer is affirmative how can I do that?? Is there any directions on this topic??
I thank you in advance for any information. Best regards!

Hi Octavio_Olvera,
LingQ members with Free accounts can import as much shared lessons as they want, and they are only limited with number of private lessons they can import (5). Make sure that lesson content is free of copyright before you share it.
Visit our Help page to learn more about Importing - Import Help

Thank you very much for your quick answer zoran, I’ll check the link!
Because you’re a site manager I think I can report you a problem I found in one lesson, please feel free to tell me if I need to refer this to another person.
The problem is in the french course Francais Authentique - Les 7 regles, particularly in the lesson Regle 4 - Pas de stress, ayez l’esprit kaizen. On the second part of the lesson, maybe near the end, the same text is repeated over and over again.
I hope this help and I thank you again for your help. Best regards!

Thanks a lot for letting me know! I’ve just edited the text in this lesson and it should look good now. Thanks again!

If you upload material respect the copyright, please. You should only share lessons, if the provider gaves permission to do this. Offering free material on the internet doesn’t mean, that it can be used for other purposes than personal use.

If you write own scripts and record them or if content provider give you permission to share their material on LingQ, it is fine.

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