Uploading lessons

I would like to know how it works, in case I decided to upload some lessons I prepared: would I receive points for the lessons?
Thank you for your kind replies and have a good suanday :slight_smile:

All’inizio di ogni mese, riceverai i punti per le lezioni che hai condiviso, in base al numero di persone che le hanno usate.

Thank you/Grazie!

tosca, if you can share some italian lesson with us, it would be very nice!

The more the better for you and for the students, of course. As an example view this list:
On average you may earn 2 points per lesson taken. This varies from month to month. For 10 lessons taken by 20 students each you could earn about 400 points, but of course the same lessons can only be taken once by the same students. Some providers have shared hundreds or even thousands of lessons, short and long ones. Good luck with creating lessons!
The points actually come from students who don’t use up their points within 90 days. So when you earn some points make sure that you spend them in time. 10 000 points can be exchanged for cash via Paypal.

People don’t tend to use up every last point they have, inertia and/or time pressure sets in and somehow we don’t get around to spending our pointy currency…

Whenever I am in the mood to upload something it is done for the pleasure of producing writing, not with an eye on putative points. I tend to give mine away if I don’t feel like spending them, rather than cash them in (and I am a poor old pensioner!).

Uploading lessons is for me as for teacher very interesting. Nut it takes of course a lot of time. It would be better if the Lingq administration had some little, but secured fund for all lessons providors that can be a bit added by unused points.